What is CAMS? Why do I need it?

CAMS is an acronym for ‘College Account Management System’ and is used only for the following reasons:

1)      To create your Active Directory network account (a.k.a. QC_Username)

2)      If your a faculyt/staff member then it will also create your email account (a.k.a. QC_Email)

3)      To change the password on either of the above accounts

Some Notes

·         CAMS is completely unrelated to CUNYFirst and is a separate distinct system

·         Faculty/Staff: One button activates both the network and email accounts



How long does it take to create my accounts or change the password?

Generally it’s less than 15 minutes from the time you use CAMS to do so. However during periods of increased system activity (such as at the beginning of the semester) it could take a bit longer.


I am a first time user and haven’t logged in before?

1)      Go to https://cams.qc.cuny.edu/

2)      Click on the big green GET STARTED AND SIGN UP button

3)      Carefully follow the directions to the letter

Ensure that you are entering the requested information in the format expected. For example when entering your SSN be sure to only enter numbers without dashes. Also be sure to check the box accepting the agreement.


I tried to login to CAMS but it says: Your information does not match data in our database

There are two potential reasons:

a)      You are entering information which does not match what the system has on record for you, or

b)      The system does not yet have your record (might take an extra day or two if you’re a new student)

In either case you should try again ensuring you are following the directions very carefully. If the problem persists contact the IT Help Desk at X74444 or visit them at DH151 (Dining Hall room 151).


I tried to login to CAMS but it says: Your CAMS access has been suspended. Please visit the help desk

An administrator most likely disabled your access for some reason, and so you will need to contact the IT Help Desk at X74444 or visit them at DH151 (Dining Hall room 151).


What do I use my Active Directory network account (a.k.a. QC Username) for?

This is an account on a system known as Active Directory and is used to:

a)      Login to campus computers such as in the labs

b)      Login to myQC

c)       Access the campus Wi-Fi

d)      Login to the various college web apps


Why would I want to use QC_EMAIL instead of my personal email address?

This is the official communications medium for students, faculty and staff and should be checked daily for important communiques.


What email system is used at QC?

Students: The student email system is Microsoft Office 365 which not only provides email but also 1TB of cloud storage, free downloads of Microsoft Office for eligible students, online web apps and more. It can be accessed via the following link:  https://qmail.cuny.edu

Faculty/Staff: The email system used for faculty/staff is Microsoft Exchange and can be accessed via the following link:  https://mymail.qc.cuny.edu/


What is my email address?

For students: Your email address will be your CUNYFirst username @qmail.cuny.edu and so for example: Alison.ExamplePerson00@qmail.cuny.edu


How do I login to a computer on campus?

Enter your network account username (a.k.a. QC Username) followed by @qc.cuny.edu without spaces. So for example if your username is jjoke100 you would enter:



How do I use the Wi-Fi?

Do the following in order:

1.       Select the network associated with your affiliation (qc-facultyqc-staff, qc-student, qc-student2 or qc-guest) and connect

2.       It should request a WEP Key (might say password) and so enter: 12345

3.       Open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari)

4.       A QC login screen will appear requesting you to login 

5.       For the username enter your Active Directory network account ID (a.k.a. QC_Username)

6.       For the password enter the password you set in CAMS


Note that if you are inactive for some time (such as 60 mins) then you may have to repeat steps 3 through 6. Reason: To help ensure the Wi-Fi system performs at optimal efficiency, it ‘frees up’ connections which it believes are no longer needed - this occurs after 60 mins of what it believes is inactivity.